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Have you ever avoided going to the dentist due to fear of discomfort, pain, or even generalized anxiety over your appointment? We see many first-time patients, unaware that we offer sedation dentistry at our Issaquah dental practice–patients have who missed years of dental appointments due to concerns of fear or pain. Dr. Bui understands that all fears are very real fears, and truly empathizes with you.


At Healthy Smile Dentistry, we believe everyone deserves a comfortable dental experience. If you can relate to anxious feelings when imagining a trip to the dentist, Dr. Bui has great news for you. It’s called oral conscious sedation, and it’s quickly becoming a preferred form of dental care for those with:

While under sedation, your vital signs and oxygen saturation levels will be monitored throughout your treatment. In most cases, patients don’t even remember your procedure. The best part is that you can receive the vital dental treatment you need in a relaxed state.

Pain-free and safe!

 • Dental fear or anxiety

 • Limited time

 • Complex dental problems

 • A very sensitive gag reflex

 • Difficulty maintaining numbness

 • Aversion to dental noises, smells, and tastes

 • Apprehension that keeps them from visiting the dentist

 • An inability to sit still for long periods of time

Fully certified to perform oral sedation dentistry, our practice can provide you with the safe, effective, and anxiety-free treatment you deserve. Prior to administering sedation, we screen you for a variety of risks factors to ensure your safety. During sedation, your safety and comfort is our top priority; we continuously monitor your vital signs and oxygen saturation levels throughout your treatment. While sedated, you can swallow and speak like normal but in most cases, you simply won’t remember your procedure. The best part about sedation dentistry is that you can comfortably receive the vital dental treatment you need, but in a relaxed state. Once your procedure ends, we require you to have a friend or family member drive you home from your appointment.


At Healthy Smile Dentistry, we also offer nitrous oxide in conjunction with sedation as an analgesic pain reliever. While alert enough to answer and ask questions during the entire procedure, you will feel totally relaxed and comfortable during your treatment.


Your teeth are yours for a lifetime. Don’t let fear or anxiety prevent you from keeping them in tip-top shape. Call Dr. Bui today and learn how sedation can dramatically improve your dental experience.

Certified to perform oral sedation dentistry


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